Why did Steve Jobs park in the handicap spot?

I’ve always wanted to know why Steve Jobs parked in handicap spots. Walter Isaacson, alas, doesn’t really investigate this in his biography.

That’s what I’ve just found on page 47 of The Macintosh Reader. It’s in an essay by David Bunnell, Macworld publisher, recounting his visit to Apple’s headquarters in the early 1980s:

"We could tell that Steve was in, because his blue Mercedes was parked in the handicap zone in front. As I was to learn, Steve always parked there. He parked there because when he parked to the side, or to the back of the building, disgruntled Apple employees from the Lisa or Apple II divisions would come by and scratch his Mercedes with their keys."

This sounds about right to me. And let me take this opportunity to promote my own forthcoming 12,000-word piece on Apple and Steve Jobs. It should appear in one of the next issues of The New Republic.

p.s. I see that this story was subsequently quoted in Apple Confidential 2.0 - it’s odd Isaacson didn’t look that far