Prison reform according to Eric Schmidt

From Harvard Business Review’s “List of Audacious Ideas for Solving the World’s Problems”: 

"Technology could also help get nonviolent offenders out of jail faster, so they could begin their reintegration into society. Tamper-proof ankle bracelets that offer GPS tracking and constant monitoring are coming onto the market at prices of $5 to $10. We could ensure that sentences are carried out but slash the cost of keeping those people locked up." 

Yes, we can do that - perhaps, Google could even design a cool bracelet with WiFi - but we can also try locking up fewer people. But, hey, who wants such unfashionable non-technological fixes when it’s so easy to hand out a bracelet to everyone? 

And since when is Harvard Business Review dedicated to solving the world’s problems rather than just creating them? 

Source: here and here for the PDF